Buckeye Recovery Network creates an ecosystem of environments for people seeking recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Each environment is carefully managed to promote long term sobriety and guide every person through their emotional, physical and spiritual development.

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What is treatment? At Buckeye Recovery Network, we often ask ourselves this question. It is very difficult to answer in short because we believe treatment is ever changing. Our philosophy is focused around evolving the process in which we treat our loved ones suffering from the disease of addiction.


If you could take luck with you everywhere, if you could keep in your pocket at all times, would you? The Buckeye is just that, a symbol of hope and luck that you can call on when you’re in need of good fortune to shed warmth and light. When you keep a Buckeye in your pocket just give it a little twist and keep it close when your heart drifts, for the wrinkles and trenches will remind you of a gift that we’ve been given when life shifts. 


We have nationally recognized sober living programs that have been regarded as the “gold standard” in housing by some of the largest treatment facilities in the nation. Established in 2011, we have had the pleasure to witness over 400 years of collective sobriety, graduated residents that have all walked through our doors. Our sober living programs are dynamic, engaging and fun. We believe that every person that walks through our door is a member of our family.


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This program goes above and beyond to help the addict and their families recover from the destruction of addiction. It is allowing me to build a foundation for a lifetime of being an overcomer. – Joshua

Thank you Buckeye Recovery Network for the amazing work you are doing! My son has been there since June 14 and the strides he has made toward staying sober are in large part to you all. Keeping the families in the loop and making everyone take part in the recovery has been key for us. I’m proud of my son and how far he has come. Thank you for caring for your clients. – Jacqui

If i could describe Buckeye Recovery Network in one word ~ Phenomenal. Fantastic program with caring down to earth staff members. – Shannon