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#1 Clue CSI Can Teach Us About Success

We are talking about how success leaves clues. You might be thinking what kind of clues is this guy talking about? Well, everything in life leaves clues. I always say our values are like fingerprints – we leave them on everything we touch. So success in successful people, and whatever your broad definition of success is, is very subjective. There are probably some clues that they’re leaving behind on the way they live their life, how they talk to people, how they interact with themselves and others, that are just signs and signals for us to be able to look at and hopefully replicate, so we can duplicate the same type of success. So in order to really understand this I’m going to do my best attempt to break down a little bit of comedy by a man named Chris Rock.

You’ve Never Been In Love If…

So Chris Rock is a really famous comedian. We all know Chris Rock and love Chris Rock – pretty funny guy – he has this skit that he just talks about being in relationships and being in love, you know, we’ve all been there and we know the roller coaster that can be, or is, or will be. And the thing about it is this. He’s like, “You know, if you’ve never contemplated murder then you’ve never been in love,” and he just keeps going and going and he says, “you know, if you never thought how you’re going to kill the person you’re on the internet searching and researching how I can kill somebody and get away with it,” then you’ve never been in love. If you’ve never gone down to a local Home Depot and bought yourself a shovel you’ve never been in love. If you’ve never thought about how you’re going to use the rug to roll the body inside and put it in your trunk you’ve never been in love. If you’ve never stood in front of a mirror and read your alibi over and over and over again then you’ve never been in love. And he says the only thing that stopped you from killing the person was an episode of CSI. Here’s why that’s funny.

Because what happens in CSI?

Well, it usually starts off with some type of murder and the cops come on scene and nobody knows what happened, why it happened, how it happened, nothing. But by the end of the episode, after a couple twists and turns and a little bit of cliffhangers and a little bit of taking you down the wrong path, they eventually get down to the murder suspect and who committed the crime. How do they go from uncertainty to certainty? In most cases how do they just know that? Because murder leaves clues, it leaves fingerprints, it leaves things like motives that they discover through conversations, it leaves signals from cell phones, it leaves tracking of cars, it leaves a lot of different things, purchases that someone had, the internet browser searches someone had, it leaves it all there. And by following all those clues you actually get to the end results. 

Here we’re talking about personal development – how you’re going to make your life better and how you’re going to make your recovery better. So we’re not talking about murder. We’re talking about success. Success does the same thing. All successful people leave clues behind for us to be able to observe, to be able to learn, to be able to replicate with the intention of duplication in our own lives. So again, success is something very subjective. Subjective means that it could have a different meaning or interpretation for different people and that’s okay. 

Let’s talk about the number #1 clue that success leaves.

#1 Clue: Sense of Purpose

Human beings that are successful in life oftentimes have a sense of purpose. For some, that purpose might be something very grand and large, like making the world a better place. For some it might be making the experience of their employees more rich and more valuable on a day-to-day basis. For some, it might be to make sure that they don’t repeat the same things that their parents repeated to them when they’re raising their children. For some, it might be to be in an optimal mind-body-physical shape. Whatever it is, you must have a sense of purpose. A lot of people come to talks like this feeling lost but the beauty of being lost is this, that’s the only way you can be found. We got to think about all the lost and found for a reason. In human beings sometimes we’re in this massive lost and found pile. It’s okay to be lost sometimes, it’s okay as long as you have the intention to find yourself, and find your purpose, and find your passion, and live a life based on that.

Nothing in life is ever found until it’s lost.

My goal, my purpose in life is to leave this planet better than I found it, that’s about it. Hopefully along the way I will have some really cool experiences, help some people out knowing that they were unable to do it on their own, smile, go through failure without losing enthusiasm, not lose my path when times get tough and it gets dark outside and the storms come. I got a purpose and I hope that you also seek and find your purpose. Because if you don’t you’re going to be lost in this thing. 

Life is Mysterious

We are on a floating, flying, spinning rock in the middle of this thing called the galaxy that exists in this thing called space, that as far as we know is potentially infinite, and we go to school and they teach us these nine planets and we think we know everything about space, not knowing that within our galaxy there are 50 million other planets. It’s not just the nine they taught us. There’s 50 million other ones. So if you don’t have a sense of purpose as this thing spins around itself and flies as fast as it can through this infinite thing called the space in within our galaxy, it’s easy to be lost. So find a sense of purpose for yourself in your life. Successful people do.

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