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10 Keys to Consistent Growth in Recovery and Life

What’s up, Pacific Sands Recovery and whoever’s there, I know a few of you guys at least are looking forward to being here on this Saturday September 23rd of 2023, and today we’re going to be talking a little bit about how we can be consistent in our life how we can grow in our life in various areas such as our emotional well-being, our physical well-being, our mental well-being, our spiritual well-being, how we can go from where we are in life to where we want to be.


So my name is Parham. I’m your weekly host of this talk. We do this pretty much each and every single Saturday. If you ever missed me live, all of our videos can be found on YouTube under our Live section – they’re all pre-recorded. And this is an interactive hour so we kind of go through and you can ask your questions. When you do write things for me I can always pull them up. For example, when the Flahertys said Good Morning I could put the comment up here, or if it’s a question I could put the question up. I do my best to answer all of your questions to make it feel kind of interactive. We got Eileen from Miami Beach, what’s up? So I do have a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am a licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I am in recovery myself since June 13th of 2008, a long time but it’s not really the quantity of the years but the quality of the days. So today I’m having some good days. And Katalin, my friend, what is up? Keep on coming back. So this channel, if you’re wondering what it’s for, we talk about various things. The main concept behind it is for anyone who firsthand or secondhand has experienced pain as a result of addictions, mental illness, trauma, grief and loss. I think that captures a pretty wide net of human beings and experiences and the goal is for you to get some education, get some information, get some (potentially) knowledge that would increase your insight into your own behaviors, inspire you to change your patterns and behaviors, and ultimately create a life that you want. Not a life that’s based in your past and all the experiences you’ve had but a life that you can create moving forward. Oh this is cool man, so we got Bita as always, but also we got Ricky from the forge, man, hey I’m happy, thank you for putting this up on Saturdays, I’m truly grateful for it. I hope that this talk can provide a little bit of – I don’t know – a little bit of value to the participants over there. That’s wonderful though, I appreciate that. So let’s get to it and let’s get to today’s talk.


Today we are talking about 10 keys to consistent growth. Now there’s a lot of people in life, especially in recovery, that have a hard time with consistency. They’re good at doing things once or twice or 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, if you’re lucky but then they fall off. So I want to be able to talk about and teach about what are some keys that you can Implement in your life that will help you become more consistent. And the main catalyst to that is to have the constant quest for growth. In this channel sometimes we talk about something called Mamba mentality and mamba mentality means one’s constant quest to be one’s best version of yourself. Hey Aviva Joon, what’s up? Love listening to me? Well, I love you listening to me, I like that. So the constant quest to be one’s best version of yourself. Many of us come into this world and we always compare ourselves to someone else and the problem is we compare our insides to somebody else’s outsides. Somebody else has a package that seems alluring and like wow, but on the inside I feel lost, stolen, afraid, broke. How do I achieve that when we don’t know those individuals on the inside might have certain feelings? So comparison is dangerous, expectations are dangerous, so what’s the best way to do it? Man, just a constant quest to be one’s best version of yourself, and it’s a very easy way to measure it. So what we are going to do right now is get into these 10 keys for growth.


  1. Starting with number one. Growth is not an automatic process. Just because you start something and the calendar days go by and the pages go from one week to one month to two months to three months just because you’ve started it and some time has gone by that does not mean that you automatically will grow as a byproduct of that. There are people that do something for 90 days and after 90 days they’re exactly the same person 90 days removed, that’s it. So how do we know if we are actually growing in the process of the things that we start? It’s actually quite simple that you are on the road to success if it feels like it’s uphill all the way, yes all the way. Now don’t get me wrong there might be times in your climb that you got to go rest and you got to just kind of look at the view and look at the perspective and say, “wow, look how far I’ve come,” but if you want to succeed it’s going to be uphill all the way. I’ve said this before and trust me, I’ll say it again. A lot of people have uphill dreams but they have downhill habits. A lot of people want to get to the top of the mountain but instead of climbing they coast. Last I checked nobody’s ever coasted their way to the top of the mountain – you must climb. So if you’re on the path and the road of success feels like it’s uphill all the time, and when you get psychologically, emotionally, physically burned out you don’t just jump back down. You go on a resting stop. You ever see people climb Mount Everest uphill the whole time? They’re stopping and resting and sleeping and going to the bathroom and eating and just kind of cruise controlling but they ain’t ever cruising their way to the top of that mountain. So if you look at your life and say, “I’m just kind of coasting,” just know you ain’t coasting anywhere good. Good morning Mom and Dad, always a pleasure! Good Morning JD, holding it down man, appreciate you! So if you want to grow you got to set time aside for it – it’s not automatic. So left to our everyday devices we have evolved into something completely unnatural to us. Human beings have evolved into this thing called human doings. Most of us identify with the things we do, not with who we are, and because we do and do and do and do, sometimes out of necessity and survival, and sometimes out of programming and conditioning, we forget that sometimes you got to pause. You got to sit, you got to reflect and look at the human being that’s doing all that doing, and set a time for growth. Set aside some time for growth. We owe it to ourselves.


If you’re new by the way, I put up different topics, I talk about it. If you have a question about it feel free to ask it. Let me close these blinds – they are making little spots on my face. Alright, well we’re just gonna have that little distraction light. It’s always good to be a little distracted in life, nothing is perfect my friends.


  1. The next one we have is number two – this one you’ll identify with a lot. Growth is the great separator amongst those who succeed and those who do not. So for example, if two people go on a path at the very same time, let’s say two people go on a path of recovery. 90 days later, six months later one of them might be making significant progress in growth when it comes to their health, their family dynamics and relationships, potentially their ability to obtain and maintain employment. And another person who came in at the same time has the same amount of time away from substances, but after 90 days or six months, they do not have any type of progress in those areas. Growth is the separator between those who succeed and those who do not. So sometimes I like to read quotes that stand out to me. “The capacity to develop and improve skills distinguishes leaders and followers.” So if you’re trying to become a leader whether it’s a thought leader, whether it’s a leader in your industry, whether it’s a leader in your recovery community, whether it’s a leader amongst a house of individuals who are trying to get their life better in a structured home, whether you’re just trying to become something more than the previous version of yourself, if you don’t actually grow you’re never going to separate yourself from other people. If somebody played one hour of piano everyday and somebody played one hour of piano three times a week, and on week one it’s not that much difference, yeah one person had four more hours. In four weeks still not that much of a difference, yeah that guy practiced 16 hours more than the other person right? In 52 weeks one person practiced 200 hours more than the other person. In 10 years, one person played 2,000 hours more than the other person. The separation becomes astronomical. So what you do consistently every day will increase the growth gap and just imagine applying that to all areas of your life, my friends.


  1. So the next one we got here is, Growth takes time but the passing of time does not equal growth. So there’s some invisible slaps I hit here. So we’ll read that one again – growth takes time but the passing of time does not equal growth, and now this one is something that rubs people the wrong way. You ready? This next statement that I have is going to rub people the wrong way and here it is. Experience doesn’t mean anything. And you might be saying, “Whoa man, what do you mean experience doesn’t mean anything? I’m an experienced person. I’ve been through a lot, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve heard it all. How does my experience not have any value?” Because how many people go through an experience and then repeat that experience again and again and again and again? You see, if experience alone meant anything, that means we won’t have to go through the vicious cycle over and over again. So how does experience become important? When it is reflected upon. Reflected experience is the most valuable asset you can have. It’ll increase your insight into your own self, your own behavior, your own processes with the intention of creating a different outcome. If you do not reflect upon your experience your experience is worthless. If you are someone who’s going through addiction, recovery, mental illness, if you go through an experience that leads you to be emotionally triggered, to be dysregulated, and you end up using substances as a result of it, that experience you went through is meaningless unless you find out why, how, when, where. Reflect on it so therefore the next time you get sober again you use all of that reflected experience to prevent, and hopefully change, the outcome. Because if you don’t it will happen again, just like everything else in life. Reflective thinking turns experience into insight. Insight’s a really powerful thing, and I always like to say that some people say, “hey man, I can’t stop thinking. I think all the time.” Reflection and thinking are two different things. When we think and overthink and worry it is almost always future-based things we have no control over, outcomes that we have no control over, situations that we have no control over. We spin out, we spiral out of control. We ruminate on it, it becomes incessive, and sometimes we even start to get physically sick from all the worry. Reflection is past-based – it’s on things that have already happened. You reflect back on it and do reflective thinking. You gather information, you use that information, you apply it to the future with the intention of changing your outcome. 


Got a couple comments here. Damn right! If you don’t learn from the past experience you’re bound to repeat them. 100% and what that whole learning from it is a part of the reflection I’m talking about. There are many Eastern traditions and philosophies that say the lesson will repeat itself until the student learns the lesson, and if you are someone in life that has experienced something multiple times in your life, whether it’s getting in a relationship with somebody that had red flags, whether it’s engaging with risky or impulsive behavior despite knowing the consequences, whether it’s taking highly addictive and powerful substances to regulate your emotions, if you don’t learn the lesson it will repeat itself, and then you got to ask yourself the following question. Do I want my past to continue in my future? If the answer is No, reflect on your experiences and do something about it. If you don’t care and you want to live same s___, different year, and you want that Groundhogs Day effect and you want tomorrow to look like yesterday, and next year to look like last year, and next decade to look like last decade, by all means keep doing your thing. It’ll happen for you.


Let’s see what Miss Katalin said. “I have a constant struggle of trying to grow and allowing myself to rest. The barrier between washes out and I act out in the moment. I sometimes don’t find the Midas touch.” So balance is an art, my friend, and I don’t think that there needs to be a struggle with finding it, okay? So what I like to do and hopefully this is going to help you also Katalin, is this. I know you’re specifically very task oriented, you’re very organized, you’re very cerebral, you have a certain type of educational background that makes you think a certain way, then what if you started to incorporate the rest and the self-care and the slowing down and the shutting off within the confines of a schedule that you’ve created, so you’re not just waiting to go all in and grow and then say okay I’m burned out, I need a little bit of rest. How about you get a little proactive about it, how about even when you feel like you don’t need too much rest you add a little self-care and rest in your day? That way the need for compulsion, to be compelled that I need to rest, I’m so fried, I’m burned out, goes away. Because you proactively address it. See, I’m really worried about the people that work so damn hard and then they get so burned out that they say, “I need a little bit of rest, how about we just rest in between on the way there, until we get to the end? And guess what, sometimes there’s days you need a little bit more and a little bit less, and that’s okay. But plan for it. Remember my thing about planning I learned from John Wooden? If you fail to plan then plan to fail. If you fail to plan in life then plan to fail. Great question, Katalin. It doesn’t need to be a struggle, my friend, you just need to find out what you can do to make it feel a little bit easier and lighter to stay on that path of growth. And too often the lesson gets more and more intense if not learned. Almost every time you want to know why by the way, if you don’t learn the lesson, because here’s the thing – the first time it happens you don’t know any different. So the first time you do something and you get burned, you get hurt, you get harmed, you get negatively impacted, you’re like, “what, I didn’t know any better, now I know.” But then if you don’t learn the lesson and it happens again not only does the same feeling happen but also now you have a little bit of something called guilt. Now you’re like, “oh man, I know better. Why did I keep doing this to myself? I should know better.” And then it happens again and again and again, all of those feelings of “I’m a failure, I can’t change, I can’t do it, I’ll never figure it out.” It just gets worse, the layers get worse and worse so the sooner you change the destructive patterns by doing some reflection on your experience to get a different outcome the less you’re going to worry about the intensity of how hard these lessons are later on in life.


  1. The next one we have (by the way any questions are welcome) – the next one we have it says, the more we grow the more we know we need to grow. Now this one comes with a really cool quote, you ready for this? It says, “The illiterate of the future is not someone who can’t read or write but it is someone who can’t learn, unlearn and then relearn.” Wow, so when we’re thinking about the future and your future, the illiterate of the future is not the person that can’t read and write for the most part. At least if you’re watching this and you’re engaged in some type of a life I have a good feeling that you can read and write at some level, that’s not it. The illiterate of the future is someone who can’t learn something in life but then say, “Hey, I really got to unlearn this because it comes from a really bad place. It comes from dysfunction and then once you unlearn it you got to relearn the proper one. 


Miss Jess, don’t be upset that you’re late. Better late than never, yes better early than late, but better late than never. And also life is life, right? Sometimes we get places on time, sometimes we don’t give yourself a little cushion, give yourself a little compassion. Listen to it from here, then go back and watch the first 20 minutes of me rambling, we’re all good. Happy to have you here, Vinnie, what’s up buddy? Hope everything’s good with you over there. Appreciate all the work you do helping the YouTube channel. Yeah, we got a lot of more subscribers because of Mr Vinnie over there, so thank you for your work.


  1. So the next one that I have here for you my friends is, growth equals change and change equals growth. So I’m gonna say something – I rarely talk in absolutes okay, I rarely talk in absolutes, like black and white, all or nothing. But you ready? You will never change something in your life until you’re willing to do something for that thing every single day. You might be saying, “whoa dude that’s a little too excessive.” Well, I’ll ask you this question. What is it you want to change in your life? And you might come off with three, four, five different areas and I say, “okay, how long have you been struggling with this?” and some of you might say a couple years, some of you might say a decade, some of you might say my whole life. Well, do you as an adult, realistically think that something you’ve been struggling with for days, years, decades, can just all of a sudden change by just kind of doing a little here and doing a little there and putting a little effort here and putting a little effort there? No, you will never change anything you want to change in life unless you’re willing to do something for that every single day until it becomes the new version of who you are. Then you don’t have to try anymore, because it’s what you do and who you are and what you stand for and how you live your life. So to go from where you are to where you want to be, yes you have to do something every day for that to change. If you don’t it won’t. How do I know? Go look at your own past, go look at everybody else that’s trying to change things in life, and you’ll catch a very very very interesting theme – they all lack consistency – every last one of them lacks consistency. And if you’re not willing to do that right now my friends, here’s the question for you. I don’t need an answer. If not now, when? So if not now, when? When are you going to start to do something every day for the things in your life you want to change? Is the answer next week, next month, next year, next decade, for some of you maybe in the next lifetime? It’s none of my business which one you choose but you must answer that question to yourself – if not now, then when?


  1. Alright, the next one we have here is, growth on the inside fuels growth on the outside. I’m a big believer that a man or a woman who is at peace with themselves is at peace with the world and all the people, places and things in it. When you are having a problem with something or someone out there, sometimes there is a problem with something or someone out there, but oftentimes there is a disconnection with self that is taking that person, place, situation and it is changing it and it is warping it and it is adapting it to something that’s eating you away. It takes up space in your head but it doesn’t pay you rent. It takes up your bandwidth and it doesn’t give you any energy. So what you want to do is always find out how you can grow on the inside emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, and the question to always ask when you’re just trying to work on yourself and improve is not “what am I getting from this,” but “what am I becoming?” Not what do I get from these talks or from these groups or from these sessions or from whatever, but what am I becoming, who am I becoming? And that person that I’m becoming, where is he or she headed to? It’s not about what we get but what we become, what we transform into.


Let’s see what we got here. There’s a comment. Dorothy, you said – first of all, Hi Dorothy! Second of all you can’t walk 10 miles into the woods and expect to walk out in a mile. Damn right! I truly believe in that – we don’t get places overnight, nor we will get out of them overnight. Shed the ego and grow the soul. Yeah the ego is not your Amigo Miss Katalin, and the soul grows pretty beautifully. When we give it the right nutrients and put it in the right environment and keep it around this therapeutic space and surround it with people that kind of also do the same, the soul feels something pretty cool. We feel it grow moment by moment, sometimes it’s like a warmth to it, there’s a beauty to it. So thank you for those comments.


  1. The next one we got here, number seven I think, I didn’t put one of these up but that’s okay. Number seven says, if what you did yesterday still looks big to you today you aren’t growing. I call this the Al Bundy syndrome. Some of the younger cats might not know who and what I’m talking about but there was a show in the late 80s, early 90s called Married with Children. I was a young child, I was not allowed to watch it but I would secretly sneak and watch it all the time because it was funny. My parents kind of knew but they didn’t know, that kind of stuff, because they kind of liked the show too. But long story short, Al Bundy is the main character and he’s a shoe salesman, which I don’t know – poor guy in the show – gets such a bad rap for being a shoe salesman. It’s an honorable role – you can actually go work in a department store, make probably more than a therapist can selling shoes. But for whatever reason they made fun of him for that. So he was like a failure in life and drank beer, sat on the couch, watched TV, really wasn’t thriving, but what Al Bundy would do was back when he was 17 or 18 years old, when he was in high school he was a quarterback and he threw like four touchdowns in one game and and that’s the highlight of his life. So my friends, if what you did yesterday still looks big to you today then that means you’re not growing. If what you did last year still seems big to you today that means you’re not growing. If what you did last decade still seems big to you today then you’re not growing. And vice versa, a year from now, five years from now, 10 years from now, wherever you are in life right now can’t look big – you have not arrived. This is not it. We do live in a moment by moment by moment interaction with life. I do say that in life our head can be in the clouds but you got to make sure that your feet are planted firmly on the ground. But this isn’t it. There is a version of your life that comes with improved relationships with others. There’s a version of your life that comes with an improved relationship to yourself. There’s a version of your life that you’re feeling more fulfilled because you’re doing things you’re passionate about, you’re engaged in life because there is that version that hasn’t happened yet. So don’t settle for this version – get that one. And guess what, if I’m ever lucky enough to talk to you when you’re there I’ll let you know that ain’t it. And here’s the thing, I’m not one of those people that says, when you get somewhere then you got to get somewhere else. Whenever you arrive somewhere that you worked your butt for, make sure you stand there confidently, you look at the view and look around you, and just take in the beauty. Don’t minimize success. Don’t minimize the little victories in life. Sometimes without those and acknowledging them we can’t build upon them to get bigger ones. So if you’re a young person in recovery right now and you’re like, “hey, I just got to my 30, 60 days, 90 days man,” celebrate that! Not with alcohol and drugs, celebrate that look at who you were 30-60-90 days ago, and the darkness and the despair you were experiencing, and look where you’re at now. But this ain’t it. When you get to a year sober, two years sober, three years sober, you’ll look back at this and be like, when you get there that ain’t it either.


  1. Alright the next one I got is, take responsibility for your growth. I don’t think I’ll ever have a talk with Parham that I don’t just pound it in your head virtually that you got to take responsibility for this thing called life. By default you must take responsibility for this thing called growth. We have to, we must and a time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man or woman you want to become and start being the man and woman you want to be. So there’s a time in your life – it’s going to come – I don’t know when that is – it might be in this very moment right now, it might be down the line, but there is a moment in your life that you’re going to look at yourself and you’re going to say, “I can’t wait anymore to become the person it is that I know I want to become.” The time is now. I hope that moment comes for you so much. I really hope that you get struck by that moment and guess what, that moment that we realize that this isn’t it, and I want to become something more. It usually comes from one or two things. Number one, the gift of desperation. Number two, the gift of inspiration. Desperation is painful, it’s dark, backs against the wall. We do some good work there. Inspiration is a little bit more mellow, cool, calm, collected. And someone right here, Bz Nabz who’s been around for a long time – appreciate you! Wrote something here about “the future is now,” which I wholeheartedly agree with. The now is all we ever have so I tell people the future don’t even exist, and they say, “dude, you’re crazy, what do you mean it doesn’t exist?” I’m like alright, let’s do an experiment. When is it right now? They’re like, “September 23rd 9:46 a.m.” I’m like, “alright cool, now what’s this future you’re talking about? They’re like “alright what about Friday? Next Saturday is the future.” I’m like, “yeah so when it’s next Saturday and I ask them what time is it now?” They say, “Well it’s September 30th.” And it’s now. You see, the future is just a bunch of Nows that accumulate together and they create this thing called tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, because when those times come they’re not the future, they’re the now again. So by living the now in the best possible way, headed in the right direction towards our goals, dreams, ambitions, not headed in a certain direction of things that hinder us, when the future arrives it’s going to work out somewhere relatively close to what we want. Rarely ever is it exact. If you’re expecting perfection it’s not going to happen but it comes out very, very similar. There’s a really cool clock that is out there and on every hour of it so where it says one, two, three, four, five, six, all the way through it just says now, now, now, now, now. So it’s like what time is it? It’s now. And I do believe in that, I do believe in that. We do call it a breakthrough, good stuff man.


  1. Okay, the next one we have here is buy into the hot poker principle. So the hot poker principle says make sure that you look around and carefully assess your closest associates or the closest people you hang out with or the closest connections you have in life and why is it important to do so? Because that is exactly the direction you are headed. So see who you hang out with, what you expose your mind to, what you put into your body, what you do X Y and Z. Look at your environment, do a whole 360 analysis, do a PET scan, CAT scan, CT scan, all that kind of stuff. Do the most deep dive you can and once you gather that data just know that’s where you’re headed. So if you are like me you want to head to places that you want to go, places that you want to get to. I listen to great audiobooks and podcasts and I watch really good things that stimulate my mind on television, usually in documentary form, educational variety. I like to go to great places and I like to go see great things, and I like to surround myself with greatness. It’s not that hey I want to become X Y and Z but if I do so I head in that direction and become my version of whatever that life is going to be like. But it’s inspired through that, so the hot poker is like we get as hot as our environment allows us to get, and by the way on the flip side of it, if you are constantly hanging out with people who are toxic, cold, distant, shut off, argumentative, they complain a lot, what do you think’s going to happen to you? You think you’re going to thrive in that environment? You think you’re going to accomplish all your goals, dreams, ambitions, take responsibility for your growth? Let’s see. “One of the best books by Eckhart Tolle is The Power of Now. It is one of the best books by anybody, about anything. I recommend listening to it on audiobook – his voice is very soothing. My first year of sobriety I listened to the power of now like a thousand times while I slept. There’s a chapter called, From Addictive to Enlightened Relationships – is my favorite one in there but it’s fascinating.


  1. And the very last one my friends, is to determine which areas in your life you need to grow. You don’t need me or a high level psychologist or a very profound deep analytical thinker to tell you what areas in your life you need to grow. Take a look at your life, take a look at all the different areas, total well-being, mind, body, spirit, relationships, and then just ask yourself, “am I satisfied with who and what I am right now?” If the answer is yes you’re probably doing something fairly well for yourself. If the answer is no, you say, “okay then who and what do I want to be in all these areas: mind, body, spirit, soul, emotions, relationships?” The gap that exists there, so the gap from where you are to where you want to be is called your vision gap. Growth allows you to go from here to there, but remember in order to do so you can’t cruise or coast or everyone will do it. You must climb and once you develop it it’s on you. Your responsibility, your life, your choices. This talk, by the way, was inspired by a guy named John Maxwell who is way more popular and famous in the world of personal development than most people. But it’s someone that I look to for inspiration and I’ve learned a lot from him for leadership to run a business, to treat employees, also to apply in personal recovery. So the beauty of these personal development talks when we do them is not just that they apply to life of recovery. They also apply to life. I want everybody watching this to be able to say, “hey, last year when I heard that talk on growth till this year, I’ve actually made some growth in my life,” 


Some of you, by the way, who’ve been watching this channel for a while, I know for a fact you’ve grown. I’ve seen in your responses, I’ve seen in the things you say, the way you engage, the way you interact, so whatever path we’re on I’m glad we’re doing it together. 


This was a wonderful talk. I will be back next week. The week after that I won’t but next week I’ll be here and we’ll do another wonderful talk hopefully to improve your life. And like I say every week these talks are dedicated to one thing and one thing only and that is the possibility of human transformation. So my hope is that I was able to transform your Saturday morning just a little bit but my bigger hope is that you’re able to transform your life and experience a lot of different days from your past. All that being said, I love and appreciate you a lot. I’m off. See you next week, bye everyone!

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