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A Typical Day in a Drug Rehab Center

Are you considering drug rehab for yourself or a loved one? Knowing what a typical day looks like can help ease some of the anxiety. At Buckeye Recovery Network in Orange County, CA, we offer personalized and comprehensive treatment programs, including Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), and Aftercare services. This blog will guide you through a day at our rehab center, showing how we cater to individual needs with advanced treatment options and exceptional care.

Morning Routine: Starting the Day Right

Wake-Up and Personal Time

Mornings start early at Buckeye Recovery Network. Clients wake up early to make the most of the day. This time is for personal hygiene and self-reflection, helping to set a positive tone for the day.

Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is provided to fuel the body and mind. Our meals are balanced and tailored to meet each client’s dietary needs, including fresh fruits, whole grains, and protein-rich foods.

Morning Meditation or Exercise

After breakfast, clients either meditate or do light exercise. These activities help reduce stress, increase focus, and improve mood. Meditation centers the mind, while exercise boosts natural mood-enhancing chemicals.

Treatment Sessions: Personalized Care

Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapy sessions are a key part of our programs. These sessions provide a safe space for clients to explore their thoughts and emotions, understand addiction triggers, and develop coping strategies. Therapists use proven techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tailored to each client’s needs.

Group Therapy

Group therapy builds a sense of community. Clients share their stories, support each other, and learn from others’ experiences. This helps build trust, improve communication skills, and develop a support network.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

For clients with both addiction and mental health issues, Dual Diagnosis Treatment addresses both problems. Our team works together to create a treatment plan that covers all aspects of a client’s health.

Afternoon Activities: Engaging and Therapeutic

Educational Workshops

Workshops cover topics like relapse prevention, life skills, and healthy coping mechanisms. These sessions give clients the knowledge and tools they need to stay sober after rehab.

Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies include yoga, art therapy, and music therapy. These activities help clients express emotions, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

Recreational Time

Recreational time allows clients to relax and socialize. Activities might include sports, gardening, or enjoying nature. This time helps clients unwind and develop a balanced lifestyle.

Evening Routine: Reflection and Preparation


Dinner is another nutritious meal shared with others. This time fosters community and allows clients to connect in a relaxed setting.

Evening Therapy Sessions

Evening sessions might include family therapy or support group meetings. Family therapy helps heal relationships and rebuild trust by involving family members in the recovery process.

Personal Reflection and Journaling

Before bed, clients reflect on their day and journal their thoughts. This helps with self-awareness and tracking progress.

Lights Out

A consistent bedtime ensures clients get enough rest, which is crucial for recovery. A good night’s sleep helps the body and mind heal.

Contact Our Team For More Information

A typical day at Buckeye Recovery Network includes a mix of therapy, education, and recreational activities. This approach ensures that each client gets personalized care and the tools needed for long-term recovery. Our programs are designed to meet individual needs with advanced treatment options and exceptional care, laying the foundation for a successful and sober future.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, reach out to Buckeye Recovery Network. Share this blog with anyone who might benefit from understanding what a day in rehab entails, and contact our team to learn more about our programs and how we can support you on your journey to recovery.


Our focus is on providing personalized care through programs like Dual Diagnosis Treatment, IOP, PHP, and Aftercare services. We address both addiction and any underlying mental health issues.

Individual therapy provides a safe space for clients to explore their thoughts and emotions, understand addiction triggers, and develop coping strategies.

Group therapy builds a sense of community and support. Clients share their stories, support each other, and learn from others.

Holistic therapies, like yoga and art therapy, help clients express emotions, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

Our Aftercare services provide ongoing support, including continued therapy and support group meetings, to help maintain sobriety and prevent relapse.

For more information or to start your journey to recovery, contact Buckeye Recovery Network today.

Today is going to be the best day of your life.

Kelsey Gearhart

Director of Business Development

Kelsey carries multiple years of experience working in the substance abuse and mental health treatment field. Her passion for this field comes from her personally knowing recovery from addiction.

Prior to Buckeye she held titles of Recovery Coach, Operations Director, and Admissions Director. Kelsey was brought on at Buckeye Recovery as the Director of Business Development. She has a passion for ensuring every individual gets the help that they need, and does so by developing relationships with other providers.

Kelsey also oversees our women’s sober living environments – The Chadwick House for Women. She is committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and conducive environment for all women that walk through the doors of Chadwick.