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Applying Life Skills in The Real-Wold After Addiction Recovery

Struggling with addiction can often overshadow the development and practice of essential life skills. At Buckeye Recovery Network, we understand that mastering these abilities is pivotal for not only surviving but thriving outside the clinic. This article unpacks how our team assists individuals in refining and applying crucial life skills, ensuring their successful application in real-world scenarios.

Bolstering Emotional Resilience

Creating a robust emotional foundation is pivotal when stepping outside the structured environment of an addiction treatment center. Emotional resilience entails:

  • Recognizing and accepting various emotions.
  • Implementing effective strategies for managing stress and anxiety.
  • Navigating through challenging situations with a positive outlook.

In your journey with Buckeye Recovery Network, you’ll gain the tools to build emotional resilience, aiding you in managing life’s unavoidable ups and downs.

Mastering Financial Literacy

The journey to recovery is about fostering a wholesome life, and that includes mastering financial literacy:

  • Developing a budget and sticking to it.
  • Understanding and managing debt.
  • Establishing a savings plan and recognizing the importance of an emergency fund.

Through our programs, you will learn to manage your finances effectively, providing a stable platform upon which your recovery can build.

Developing Healthy Relationships

Connections and social networks play a crucial role in a fulfilling life. Our curriculum at Buckeye Recovery Network emphasizes:

  • Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Setting boundaries to protect your mental and emotional well-being.
  • Effectively communicating needs, desires, and concerns.

We guide you through the process of recognizing and nurturing positive relationships and disentangling yourself from those that may hinder your progress.

Navigating Career and Employment

Being part of the workforce post-recovery presents its unique set of challenges and opportunities:

  • Crafting a resume that reflects your strengths and experiences.
  • Preparing for interviews and presenting your best self.
  • Managing work-related stress without compromising your recovery journey.

Buckeye Recovery Network is here to guide you through these steps, ensuring that you step into the world of employment with confidence and a strong foundation.

Walking Beside You Every Step of the Way

Recovery is an ongoing journey, and applying life skills outside the safe confines of the clinic is a crucial aspect of maintaining progress and achieving lasting well-being. At Buckeye Recovery Network, we are committed to equipping you with these life-enhancing tools, ensuring you are well-prepared to embrace life in all its fullness. Join us, and take the step towards a bright, empowered future.


A dual-diagnosis treatment addresses both substance abuse issues and co-occurring mental health disorders simultaneously. It acknowledges the interplay between mental health and addiction, ensuring that treatment is holistic and tackles all facets of an individual’s well-being.

Our programs incorporate various activities, workshops, and one-on-one counseling sessions designed to enhance life skills such as emotional management, financial literacy, and relationship-building. We believe that fostering these skills is integral to sustaining recovery and ensuring quality of life.

The duration of our programs varies according to individual needs. We offer various program lengths to cater to the diverse requirements and commitments of our participants, ensuring that treatment is both effective and manageable.

Families play a vital role in recovery. Buckeye Recovery Network encourages family involvement through designated therapy sessions, educational workshops, and support meetings, ensuring that the family unit is strengthened and supportive throughout the recovery journey.

Post-program support is paramount. We provide aftercare planning, alumni events, and ongoing support to ensure that individuals remain connected, supported, and fortified in their recovery journey, even after they’ve completed their program with us.

Today is going to be the best day of your life.

Kelsey Gearhart

Director of Business Development

Kelsey carries multiple years of experience working in the substance abuse and mental health treatment field. Her passion for this field comes from her personally knowing recovery from addiction.

Prior to Buckeye she held titles of Recovery Coach, Operations Director, and Admissions Director. Kelsey was brought on at Buckeye Recovery as the Director of Business Development. She has a passion for ensuring every individual gets the help that they need, and does so by developing relationships with other providers.

Kelsey also oversees our women’s sober living environments – The Chadwick House for Women. She is committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and conducive environment for all women that walk through the doors of Chadwick.