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Consistent Growth and Generosity are Foundational for Change

So what am I talking about when I say when you’re trying to make changes in your life you have to have growth? Because change is not isolated in a moment. If you’re trying to make changes in your life and you’re trying to sustain and maintain those changes over the course of three months, six months, nine months, 12 months, a lot is going to happen in your life. Some are going to be known, some are going to be unknown. Some are turns you know about and some are blind twists and turns to just hit you in your face. 

What is Growth?

If you don’t constantly grow emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, physically, if you don’t grow, if you don’t invest in yourself, if you don’t develop yourself and invest in personal development, then when those life events happen over the course of the 365 day calendar you’re not going to be able to withhold, withstand the impact of that. And you’ll go right back to normalcy. You’ll shrink right back down again. And if you’re wondering what growth looks like? It’s simple for me. I’m a big Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant has this thing called Mamba mentality – it’s the name of a book – it’s phenomenal. But all Mamba mentality means is this constant quest to be one’s best version of oneself, not other people. There’s no comparison in it. When I look at myself in the mirror at the end of the day I ask myself, did I become one percent better than I was yesterday? Did I grow in various areas of my life just a little bit more today than yesterday? If the answer is yes over the course of a year I will have growth in my life. If the answer is no then I gotta say okay tomorrow I gotta make sure I do one percent better than today. It’s not comparing externally, it’s not comparing to anything out there. Constant Improvement creates personal growth.

Many Ways to be Generous

Now anybody that makes changes in their life that can maintain and sustain those changes has learned one thing. The only way you keep it is by giving it away. I also learned that from Siamek. The only way you keep your change, your transformation, is by being willing to give it away. And as soon as I use the word generosity sometimes people think, “I’m barely able to float my own bills. I got nothing to give.” I never said the only way you can be generous in life is to give away some money. I actually think giving away money, even though it’s a nice thing to do, is actually one of the cheapest forms of generosity. Generosity is way deeper than that. Generosity means being able to share with others, give to others experience, strength and hope, of where you are and where you are now and how you got there, and tell them that you’re there with them supporting them, helping them get to where they’re trying to get to. Generosity also exceeds the rooms of these types of talks. 

There are plenty of children in the world that need help. There’s plenty elderly people in the world that need help. There’s plenty of homeless in the world that need help. There’s plenty of agencies that need volunteers. You can be generous with your time, you can be generous with your love, you can be generous with your knowledge. Make sure that you’re giving all this away because if you accumulate all this change and you get all this knowledge and wisdom and keep it for yourself it’s useless. It’s the equivalent of gathering a bunch of money in life, hundreds of thousands millions dollars in life. And when it’s all said and done, when you go six feet under, you grab all that money and bury it with yourself. Be generous with what you found in your journey, of your own healing, your own recovery, and your own transformation. When there is a mom or a dad or a spouse or a child or someone in these rooms that you meet that is shaking and baking and scared and they don’t know what to do and you’re not that person anymore, make sure you extend the hand. Here’s the thing – you can never grab a hand until you touch a heart. So make sure that you’re sharing from a place that’s authentic and sincere and real. And when that heart to heart connects, grab them and help them. That’s the only way we make this world a better place.

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Kelsey Gearhart

Director of Business Development

Kelsey carries multiple years of experience working in the substance abuse and mental health treatment field. Her passion for this field comes from her personally knowing recovery from addiction.

Prior to Buckeye she held titles of Recovery Coach, Operations Director, and Admissions Director. Kelsey was brought on at Buckeye Recovery as the Director of Business Development. She has a passion for ensuring every individual gets the help that they need, and does so by developing relationships with other providers.

Kelsey also oversees our women’s sober living environments – The Chadwick House for Women. She is committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and conducive environment for all women that walk through the doors of Chadwick.