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Are you or a loved one in Huntington Beach, CA, seeking effective treatment for mental health conditions? Buckeye Recovery Network is excited to introduce our Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), which is designed to provide comprehensive care while focusing on mental health. Starting on February 26th, 2024, this program aims to offer the same features and benefits as our traditional program, with a specialized emphasis on addressing various mental health conditions.

Why Choose Our Evening IOP Program?

At Buckeye Recovery Network, we understand that life’s demands can sometimes make it challenging to prioritize treatment during the day. Our Evening IOP program is tailored to address this concern by offering treatment sessions during the evening hours. This flexibility allows you to maintain your daily commitments while still receiving the essential care you need for mental health conditions.

What Sets Our Evening IOP Apart?

Our Evening IOP program in Huntington Beach stands out for several reasons:

  • Mental Health Focus: Unlike some traditional programs, our Evening IOP prioritizes mental health treatment. We recognize the significance of mental health in overall well-being and have structured our program accordingly.
  • Expert Team: Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care. They specialize in treating a wide range of mental health conditions, ensuring that you receive personalized attention.
  • Convenient Timing: With sessions scheduled in the evening, you can easily fit treatment into your daily routine. This flexibility is crucial for individuals balancing work, family, and other responsibilities.
  • Community Support: In our Evening IOP, you’ll be part of a supportive community of individuals facing similar challenges. Sharing experiences and encouragement can be a powerful motivator on your journey to recovery.

Evening IOP Designation

You might be wondering what “IOP” stands for. IOP stands for Intensive Outpatient Program. This designation means that our Evening IOP offers a comprehensive level of care while allowing you to continue living at home. It’s a step below our inpatient program, offering more flexibility while still providing intensive treatment.

How to Get Started with Us

Getting started with our Evening IOP program in Huntington Beach is easy. Simply call us at 949-258-7580, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process. We’ll answer any questions you have and help you take the first step toward improved mental health.


Our Evening IOP program is designed for individuals seeking treatment for various mental health conditions. Eligibility will be assessed during the initial consultation.

The duration of the program can vary depending on individual needs and progress. Our team will work with you to determine the most suitable treatment plan.

Yes, our evening sessions are just as effective as daytime sessions. Our experienced staff is committed to delivering high-quality care during the evening hours.

We accept a variety of insurance plans. Contact us at 949-258-7580 to discuss your insurance coverage and payment options.

Yes, we can discuss transitioning between programs if it’s deemed necessary for your treatment journey.

Kelsey Gearhart

Director of Business Development

Kelsey carries multiple years of experience working in the substance abuse and mental health treatment field. Her passion for this field comes from her personally knowing recovery from addiction.

Prior to Buckeye she held titles of Recovery Coach, Operations Director, and Admissions Director. Kelsey was brought on at Buckeye Recovery as the Director of Business Development. She has a passion for ensuring every individual gets the help that they need, and does so by developing relationships with other providers.

Kelsey also oversees our women’s sober living environments – The Chadwick House for Women. She is committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and conducive environment for all women that walk through the doors of Chadwick.