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Find your Tribe and also your own Fingerprint

Have you ever heard of tree unity? Sounds corny but I like it. There is a documentary I watched that just really dove deep into the the majestic powers of trees. And there was one thing in there that just blew me away. So we all know what a forest is, right? Like a rainforest, hundreds of thousands, millions of trees just living side by side. Earlier today I shared with you that the trees all have a specific foundation – the same height it goes up, it goes down into the ground, the same width of the canopy. It can go up to five times the width of the canopy in the roots underneath. Now if you have hundreds of thousands of trees around that means all of the roots eventually become intertwined, connected. 

Human beings are the same way. Some of you think that in isolation and by yourself you’re actually okay. It might be okay at times but without having a unity of cooperation with other human beings that are all connected, their foundations are all connected, we have challenges.

How Trees Unite

Because this is what happens in the tree world. You might not know that if all these trees are connected underneath the ground through their roots through their foundation, what happens is they send signals and messages to each other. Some of you might have already known that and some of you might think I’m crazy right now. But trees communicate with one another in a very very highly intelligent way through their roots. And here’s the type of power that communication has. When there are some trees somewhere in the forest that are struggling because they’re not receiving the proper sunlight or nutrients or water, guess what? They all come together and they all start to recruit and gather and send what is necessary for their fellow tree somewhere down the forest to receive what it needs, with the hope that it’s going to be alright. And oftentimes trees rescue each other that way and help each other that way.

Humans Need a Tribe

And as human beings sometimes you watch another human being suffer and you’re like, “Oh that’s not me, that’s not my life. They should go get a job. They should stop being so weak.” And what if that person’s endured 30 years of horrific complex trauma and they don’t know what to do in this thing called life? I’m not saying you got to go there and give them handouts. Maybe go hold their hand metaphorically. I’m not saying you got to go there and give them your hard-earned money because you worked hard and they’re too lazy to work. Can’t stand it when people do that stuff. Go in there and give them some of your attention. Give them a conversation. Humanize them in that moment. But some people are too cool for that. They’re willing to talk to people that got something to give them but if somebody doesn’t have anything to give somebody, they’re not even going to waste their time. And that’s the difference between human beings and trees. Trees don’t discriminate when someone needs something somewhere. They show up and if you fall in the school of thought or the category that you take a lot of false pride in the fact that you’re such a hard worker and there’s lazy bums out there pause, have a little empathy and compassion and realize that no human being wants to be living like an animal on the streets. What has happened to their life that’s led to that?

Let’s Support Each Other

Because for some of you who are really disciplined and hardworking, this and that, some of you probably had some disadvantageous upbringings. But maybe some of you just had some decent upbringings, an average life, a healthy life. You had something called a mom or a dad and you didn’t get severely traumatized or abused and you didn’t live under the means of poverty your whole life. And because of all that you’re able to become a certain way. What if you didn’t have all that? What if your life was genuinely different, like a lot of our population that are struggling, that are homeless? Could you honestly say that you’d be exactly the way you are? We forget all that stuff because we like to put ourselves on a higher pedestal. Because when we make ourselves better than someone else it feels good. But it really shouldn’t – that’s called false pride. I get so sad when someone just says something super inappropriate or mean or harsh to some homeless person, “Go get a job you lazy MF!” It’s like, “Bro, who wants to be that? You think that person really truly wants to be that? And then you got to kick them when they’re down? Let’s cooperate with each other. Let’s support each other.” I’m not saying you got to go help somebody with money that you worked so hard to get, but at least go be a human being and say, “It must be really hard to be the way you are right now, man, keep fighting, keep being strong. I see you. You’re a human, why not?”

But Find your Own Fingerprint

You cut a tree and it’s got these rings inside of it and those rings demonstrate a lot of different things. It shows the tree’s age, shows a little bit about its background, its history, but it also is powerful because none of those rings look the same in any tree. I’m assuming at this point you all know that out of the 8.5 billion people on this planet Earth none of us have the same fingerprints. That’s why you can go put your fingerprint on something and they know it’s you. What trees teach us is to just be authentically, genuinely yourself. Trees don’t compete with each other trying to be like, “Oh I want to be like that tree, or that tree is better than me.” They’re just cool with who they are. Human beings unfortunately compare ourselves to other trees despite of our uniqueness and individuality and we hope or think that we’re supposed to be something we’re not. What if I told you you’re exactly who and what you need to be?

Let go of Perfectionism

Can you find ways to embrace that, to own it and please let go of this thing called perfectionism? Because I’ve tried in my life ever since I was a child, and my mom here could verify that. My nickname growing up was Mr Perfect, and if I did not do things perfectly I would have a significant problem psychologically, emotionally, physically, all that stuff until one day I realized that perfect is the enemy of good enough. And I just started doing things good enough and I started to own who and what I am and the way I am and be okay with it. There’s a campaign out there called the Perfectly Imperfect campaign and I believe that all people are perfectly imperfect. Now you might not believe that yet because you haven’t done the work necessary to find out that the version of you, might not be the version you want to be, but there’s a version of you available at any given moment that you can start taking towards steps to becoming. And once you become that you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

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Kelsey Gearhart

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Kelsey carries multiple years of experience working in the substance abuse and mental health treatment field. Her passion for this field comes from her personally knowing recovery from addiction.

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