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How you Present Yourself is a Clue to Success

Successful people have a specific type of image that they uphold and when I talk about the word image I really want you to consider this. Don’t get me wrong, showing up is more than half the battle. Oftentimes those who succeed and those who don’t, one of the main reasons is because one of them just showed up over and over again, and eventually they just caught something, or realized something, or figured out something in that journey.

How you present yourself, the image you uphold, the character you develop, and your self-discipline, these are clues to your success. They show how extraordinary you are.


In life we have two mirrors – one mirror is the external mirror and one mirror is the internal mirror. The external mirror is the mirror that you and I look in front of each and every single day. For the most part you give yourself a thumbs up, you give yourself a thumbs down, it shows you your reflection of how you look. You get up, you walk out the door, it doesn’t show you anything about who you are. The internal mirror is the mirror you stand in front of and it shows you who you are as a person, how you live your life, how you treat others, what your priorities are. That mirror is the truest reflection you’ll ever find of yourself. And sometimes for some of you it is the hardest mirror in the world to look at because you stand there and you just do not like the reflection. Some of you don’t even know who that person is looking back at you. And on top of that some of you go days, weeks, months and years, and never take a stop and a peek and a look at that internal mirror, the second mirror. And then you wonder what happened to my life. There’s a deeper image to them of things they possess when they look at themselves in the mirror and they know they exist within them. I strongly encourage all human beings to go in front of a mirror and to just observe. I’m not saying you have to do this without your clothes or anything like that. It has nothing to do with your physical body.

So successful people have an image and that image is not just this vanity view of external characteristics and qualities.

I want you to go stand in front of a mirror and make direct eye contact with that reflection looking back at you. It’s a transformative exercise. I’m not just saying go look at yourself. Okay, I did what he asked. Just be with that person. Remember all of us just want someone to be there with us. It’s like a human nature thing so go be there with yourself. You’re going to quickly realize that you might be looking at a stranger. You might realize that it’s been a long time that you haven’t spent some time with yourself. And just be there. Don’t say anything. Don’t judge. Just look into your eyes for as long as you can – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Notice the sensations you experience by looking at that person. Do you feel a sense of comfort? Do you feel a sense of distance? Do you feel discomfort? Do you feel closeness? For each of you it’s going to be different but that’s where you got to make it right one day. You can’t be successful in life if you’re not right with that reflection. There’s a lot of people that try to become successful without looking at that internal mirror. They just start to glamorize the external mirror, put a little clown suit on with a couple brands on it, do some stuff to their face and to their self, and this and that, and just try to be okay thinking that they’re going to be okay out there. But if you’re not good inside none of that stuff matters. How many successful people do we have to hear that say when they got to the top of whatever it was that they got, they didn’t feel anything? Because they didn’t work on that internal image. So I don’t know, maybe a few of you are going to go try that exercise and come back and say either thank you for that, or screw you for that. That was either very, very good or that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But hey, if it is hard write down everything you experience and then hopefully you got a therapist or a counselor or something like that go work on that stuff. Or journal, if you don’t want to pay for it. Just go write it out and it’s a good exercise to do. 


Here’s the thing. If you want to be successful in life you must develop character. To be a human of high value your character has nothing to do with numbers, dollars, cents, the things you own and possess.

“I saw a lot of humans in which they had no clothes and I saw a lot of clothes in which they had no humans.” -Rumi, Persian Poet

All that’s saying is like these things that we decorate ourselves with, they don’t bring character. When you strip yourself of all the decorative items that you buy on Amazon for yourself in your life what’s left underneath is your human character, and that is something that is so valuable, that once you’ve developed it, maintained it, fostered it, nurtured it, owned it, no one could ever take away from you. There are no shortcuts to developing your character. I wish I could tell you there are but like I said numerous times before, the longest distance between Point A and Point B in life is a shortcut. Anyone that’s ever taken a shortcut thinking that they’re going to get there sooner, not only has gotten there if they got there way later, but more often than not, they never even get there. They make a U-turn and go right back to where they came from, not knowing that they just put themselves back in the first spot that they started. Oftentimes even a little bit worse. So become a person of high value. The world needs more of them, that’s for sure.


Self discipline first and foremost. Discipline gets a bad rap. Most human beings associate the word discipline with a negative connotation and that’s because when you’re small you do something wrong and you get disciplined. So we just get kind of programmed that it’s a bad thing but self-discipline is an act of love. Self-discipline is something that you do for yourself, for your future, for the world, and here’s all that it means. It means doing what you know you need to do, especially when you don’t want to do it. That’s the X factor right there. Because doing the things you want to do is easy – you don’t need inspiration or motivation. You don’t need a pep talk to do the things you want to do. But the things you don’t want to do in life that you need to do, can you do those things? Can you overcome the tape in your head that says, “oh, I don’t want to do it, it’s too hard, I’m over, it’s too late,” and do it anyways? Self-discipline is not something that you can create one time and have it for the rest of your life. Sometimes it’s a daily commitment to have self-discipline. And if you do it on a day-to-day to-day basis eventually it will become a part of your life, and you will be a human being who has and possesses self-discipline. A person with self-discipline can accomplish and conquer anything in life because it lets you unlock your potential to transform. I’ve yet to meet a successful person, a transformed person who does not possess the ability to have discipline in their life in all areas. Some areas might be more than others but they have a strong relationship with the word self-discipline, and I hope you do too. It’s a beautiful trait. It’s a hard trait. Not everyone can do, it but if you can do it you’re on the path. So self-discipline takes discipline, yeah it really does.


Those who are successful in life are oftentimes extraordinary at what they do. A lot of human beings want extraordinary lives on ordinary work ethics. A lot of human beings want to be able to do extraordinary things but they’re not willing to give even a little bit more than ordinary effort. I mean, how does one expect to have an above average life with an average work ethic? It just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s kind of like going in the store and saying, “hey, I want to buy a $1000 thing but I’m only going to give you $100,” and they say, “well, I don’t think that’s going to work out because it’s $1,000 and you have a $100.” And you’re like, “come on, I’m a good person, I’m nice, I’ve been through a lot, I deserve it.” They’re like, “No dude, come back with 1,000 bucks.” So if you want an above average life and you’re only willing to give average effort I’m going to give you a news flash that might have you pop a resentment towards me. It’s not going to happen.

Remember, we all have these uphill dreams but we have these downhill habits.

And the word extraordinary sometimes could be a little scary to some. Let me just teach you something about this in the last minute that I have. So when you think of things in life that are ordinary what do you think of? Average, okay nothing special, nothing spectacular. But when you think of the word extraordinary what do you think of? Like amazing, fascinating, one-of-a-kind experience. Have you ever stopped to think about the difference between something that’s ordinary and something that’s extraordinary? All you got to do is go look at the two words ordinary plus the word extra become extraordinary. The only thing that extraordinary people possess is that they’re willing to do a little bit of extra in their lives, a little bit more than what other people are willing to do. So if you want an extraordinary life of an above average life are you willing to do a little extra than what you’re currently doing that’s created the life that you have? If you are, I can’t wait to see what that extraordinary life looks like for you. And if you’re not, I don’t have to wait to see what your ordinary life looks like for you. Just look at your day, your last week, your last month, your last year, and I would probably suggest and let you know that the next week, the next month, the next year is going to be very similar so you could be the judge of that. None of my business.

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