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Rebound and Reinvent your Life Transformation

When you’re trying to transform your life there’s six stages. Stage 1, you got to realize that what you have is not what you want. Stage 2, what was it you gotta release? Release the patterns of thinking, the emotional baggage, the past experiences that you’re holding on to, because those same things are preventing you from experiencing anything new. 

We talked about the first 2 stages in this post. Go read those first and come back here to continue.

The Rebound Stage of Transformation

Rebound is the phase in which you nurture your mind and body and spirit by allowing time to process any recent life changes, so that you can ease into the integration of the next level of transformation. I want you to know this, that all human beings at all times are going through some life changes, recent life changes, at all times. There is a diagnosis the therapists like me give, and that’s called Adjustment Disorder. And you can give it pretty much to anybody over anything and here’s the reason why. Because we’re constantly adjusting to new life changes. And what happens when you’re adjusting to your life changes? You’re gonna get dysregulated, you’re gonna get stressed out, you’re gonna get tired, you’re going to get scared, you’re gonna feel down. Sometimes those life changes are because of our own doing. It’s things that we do, and sometimes life just puts something on a platter and says, “deal with it,” but the way you rebound through that is it takes time.

Transformation is not for free and for fun. Transformation is earned.

Number two is how do you nurture your mind, body and spirit? Because my friends, if you’re trying to transform your life and you’re not nurturing yourself it’s not gonna work. Transformation is something that we grind at and work towards, whether that’s a recovery, whether it’s with mental health, whether it’s with relationships, whether it’s with finances, transformation just doesn’t happen. Or else everybody would experience it. But the kick is this – it’s available to everyone. And how come people don’t do it? Because they don’t nurture themselves they go and they do and do and do and do and do, not nurturing the person to achieve the best outcomes. It’s a really significant thing if you think about it, and sometimes it just takes time. I know people say, “well dude, I don’t have time, my time is limited.” Well, if I’m telling you it’s going to take time and despite it having a limited time it’s still going to take that, just because your time is limited doesn’t mean you can’t let time build. Time is a powerful thing because over the course of time if we change our patterns, if we change our habits, if we nurture our mind and body and spirit, we will experience transformation.

An apple seed needs soil, it needs air, it needs nutrients, it needs sunlight, and it needs time before you can eat that apple.

I have yet, in all my years of life, ever seen somebody put a seed in the dirt and it turns into a tree right away. If you don’t take my word for it go give it a try. Go grab an apple seed and put in the dirt let me know when you can eat that apple. But that appleseed transforms into an apple, it transforms to a tree that has apples, but what does it mean? It needs soil, it needs air, it needs nutrients, it needs sunlight, and it needs time. You cannot transform without time passing by. If we could, everyone would do it. But here’s the thing. As time goes by people don’t feel like they got to where they wanted to get to. People feel like their results aren’t that good. If your results aren’t that good what are you gonna do? Give up? This seed’s not going to turn into an apple. While they go to the grocery store and grab apples and eat them, disconnected from knowing how that happened and why they don’t do that to themselves in their own lives, because we are a part of nature, whatever happens in the nature world happens in the human world. You just got to believe that.

Reinvent The Life You Want

Reinvent is another self-focused phase where you’re making new choices that are in alignment with the self-realized vision, the first phase. So when you’re in the Reinvent phase you gotta go look at the Realize section, that the life I have is not the life I want, and now you have to say, “Okay, what is the life I want? What is the relationship I want? What is the mental health I want? What is the job I want? What is the bank statement that I want? You got to get crystal clear with that vision. Without that vision you will not be able to transform. Without a vision of self that is different than the current version we will not be able to get there. You need a destination, you need a goal, you need a direction, and when you have that developed, established, sharpened then we reinvent, we change parts of ourselves, we invent new parts of ourselves, we create new parts of ourselves to allow us to get there. And what is it? It creates habits. We got a sense of purpose, we got a sense of direction. 

Anybody that has positive habits, positive thought processes, and a positive commitment to get to the destination will get to the destination. Human beings are so freaking resourceful, man. When they want something they go get it. We learned this in the addiction world. If there’s a human being using substances there is nothing that will get in the way of them using their substances, because the value they find in that substance is so high that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it. But unfortunately we don’t put that same value in transformation. So when you get to the component of Reinvent what it does is it creates an empty space that begs to be filled with new choices, behaviors, and habits that are purposeful and productive. You can’t create a new space without reinventing.

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Kelsey Gearhart

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