In the year of 1840, Ohio resident William Henry Harrison was elected President of The United States. Since the day of his election the Ohioans have referred to themselves as Buckeyes! In 1953 legislature designated the Buckeye as the official Ohio State tree.

According to folklore, the buckeye resembles the eye of a deer and carrying a single buckeye in your left pocket is said to bring good luck. The stag is known to be the king of the forest, the protector of all creatures. Native tribes of North America depicted the deer as a messenger, an animal of power and a totem representing sensitivity, intuition and gentleness. This reminds us of our own innocence and the fundamental need to be nurtured and protected.

If you could take luck with you everywhere, if you could keep it in your pocket at all times, would you? The Buckeye is just that, a symbol of hope and luck that you can call on when you’re in need of good fortune to shed warmth and light. When you keep a Buckeye in your pocket just give it a little twist and keep it close when your heart drifts, for the wrinkles and trenches will remind you of a gift that we’ve been given when life shifts.

Our philosophy is to give freedom from active addiction, the tools to carry with you during your recovery and knowledge that life can and will get better. The symbol of the Buckeye, we gift to you.

“Grace is beauty of form under the influence of freedom.” – Friedrich Schriller

The Founders

Born and bred in Ohio, brothers Ryan and Brandon Stump embrace the Buckeye folklore as part of their heritage. They have built a unique partnership here in Southern California and have helped thousands of individuals achieve long-term sobriety. They believe that everyone who walks through their doors is family, living by their late grandfather’s dying words “smile and be happy.”

Brandon Stump


Ryan Stump