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Why you should watch Ted Lasso if you’re in Recovery

If you know anything about me you know that it’s very very rare that I would suggest, recommend, or promote anything that’s on television to the viewers. Because of the too many options out there and the fact that I see so many people get caught up in the Netflix binge or they get caught up in watching the next episode right when it ends, and before you know it, 6 PM, they got home and now it’s 10:30 and they didn’t do anything but sit on the couch the entire night. So I’m very cautious, especially with the content that TV shows have, I feel if it doesn’t enrich someone’s mind, motivate their behavior, change their perspective, it’s really a waste of time, to be honest. And from my perspective, I know there’s some entertainment value in it but entertainment needs to be short and not binge-watched. There’s only so much entertainment you need in a day. But there’s a TV show that I’m going to strongly recommend and based on that TV show I found some content on the internet and I’m gonna take that content and change it to what we do here, which is talking about life, recovery, transformation.

Every Day can be a Wonderful Day

Right before I start, I want you to know that every talk I will ever do in my life is always dedicated to one thing and one thing only, and that’s the possibility of human transformation. So I believe that all human beings, including myself and you and your loved ones, and everyone around us, has the ability to transform their life in any given moment that they choose to. Yes, that moment could be right now. If you had a bad day yesterday I promise you, you can transform and have a good day today. If you had a bad week last week you can transform and have a wonderful week in the upcoming week. If you had a bad month last month, transform it and let’s have a really really good month. And you had a bad year, a bad decade, transform it and have a different one. It’s available and accessible to all of us if you believe it.

Ted Lasso is not about Soccer

So the show is on Apple TV and the reason why some people when they’re scrolling through they might not be excited to watch it right off the bat, is because the overall theme of it seems to be around the central theme of football/ soccer. Football, what they call in the world as soccer when they call it in the US. And so some people might say, “Oh I don’t want to watch the show about sports,” and they miss the opportunity to find out what the show is really about. Ted Lasso, my friends, is not about soccer or football. It’s not about sports. 

It’s about life and and in its purest most beautiful way, the show at Ted Lasso does something that no other show can really really really do or grasp. And this is the thing. It shows us as human beings, what it’s like to live beyond our limiting beliefs. It shows human beings what it’s like to break the stigma of mental health and mental illness and break the societal norms of what we’re supposed to do and not supposed to do. It teaches us to look beyond our differences and find our similarities. Ted Lasso teaches us what it means to actually have compassion for our brothers and sisters, to learn how to forgive people and forget people. It teaches us what’s possible when we all come together. It teaches us how to be vulnerable and work through our fears. And yes, there is some stuff in there about sports but I’m telling you this, my friends. If you have the time, 30 minute episodes, watch the first four or five episodes before you make up your mind, and come back and let me know how that show is impacting the way you look at life.

The Premise

So real quick, before I get into the 12 lessons that we learned from Ted lasso, the premise of the show, if you really want to know what it is, and I don’t know if you do or not, but there is this English Premier League football team which is a soccer team in England that plays in the highest league. So imagine like our NBA or NFL – it’s the highest league for soccer. The owner of the team is going through a divorce and his wife in the divorce settlement wins over the ownership of the soccer team. Because this soccer team means so much to her ex-husband, what she wants to do is, she wants to burn it to the ground. She wants to destroy it, destroy his legacy, take the last bit of joy this man has in his life. So what she does is she goes and finds an American football coach from Kansas which is the character Ted Lasso, and hires him to teach a sport that he has nothing, no information about, which is soccer in the highest league in England. Her hope, her intention, is that it’s gonna screw things up. Watch the show and see what it does. Not only does that plan not work out, they end up becoming very very very good friends and everything else is a beautiful, beautiful journey from that point on. So when I’m talking about this show I’m not talking about the show itself. I’m not talking about soccer for God’s sakes. I’m not talking about any of that stuff. I’m using the lessons that we can learn from Ted Lasso to apply to you and your healing, your recovery, and your transformation journey.

“I hope that either all of us or none of us are judged by the actions of our weakest moments, but rather the strength we show when and if we’re ever given a second chance.” -Ted Lasso

I just want to share with you that quote from the show because it just captures what the essence of the show really is. And there’s a line that says, Oh my goodness, I hope that all of us or none of us is ever judged by the things we do, the mistakes we make in life, but by what we do and how we show up if we’re ever given a second chance. And if you are in recovery my friends, if you’re a family member that has a loved one in recovery, and we all got second chances that’s where the magic happens. I hope we’re all judged by what we do when we get those second chances. Some of us get second chances, third chances, fourth chances, fifth chances. It doesn’t matter what we do when someone or something gives us the chances. I promise you, that one quote is one of thousands in that show. And I’m not even exaggerating. A very powerful moment that captures the recovery process. Humanity, mental health in its best. So please watch it. It’s on Apple TV. If you don’t have a subscription just get it for a month and cancel it. It’s worth it, I promise you that.

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Kelsey Gearhart

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